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Making a Trail

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Monthly Archives: March 2014

I awoke to bad news this morning. My Uncle Dan has passed away. It was not a surprise, as he has fought cancer valiantly for many years, but his passing still brings great sadness to all who knew him. My mind keeps coming back to the following quote, which, from what I can find, is […]

No pictures since we got in after dark and the pollution/haze makes visibility pretty poor. We’re looking forward to exploring. It is definitely different than Japan, if for anything because it seems a little less user friendly. We’re sleeping in a loft, which is kind of weird. It feels like camping… But in the capital […]

Harajuku is a neighborhood in Tokyo. The area is known for being young and very fashion forward. Some young girls go to the extreme of wearing elaborate dresses and bonnets, and god knows what else. These outfits area really involved. The girls draw tons of attention and get bombared by tourists and locals alike, all […]

Despite this delayed posting, this temple area in Japan was one of our favorite sites thus far on our journey. We visited the Fushimi Inari Shinto shrine to see the saffron colored gates and to get in a pretty sturdy hike. The shrine was built in the 700’s and relocated to the current site in […]

Becky and I had the pleasure of taking a bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto and back. The technology here is impressive. Everything is beautifully effecient. There is something really awesome about zooming by the countryside at more than 150 mph. Even more impressive is when you can see Mt. Fuji out your window. All […]

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No need to worry everyone, Japan has donor kebab. Anyone who has traveled with me before knows this is a value add.

Mike and I did a sake tour around Kyoto today. We stopped in at 3 different breweries and did some tasting and learned a ton about the sake brewing process. These pictures are from outside the Meiji shrine where they have tons of sake barrels donated for Buddhist ceremonies. Kinda like the Manishevitz of Japan…. […]

– heated toilet seats in almost every public restroom – water spigots at your table/seating area for self-serve water – little button at ramen places to call your waiter back for beer/extra noodles – their entire concept of what a subway system should be (which includes LCD screens announcing your next stop) – culture of […]

Nothing gets you hot babes like Star Wars themed shades…

On our first night in Kyoto, we went to visit the Kiyomizu-dera temple, which is one of the coolest places I think we’ve been so far. Lit up with paper lanterns, the streets were surreal and all around us were old traditional Japanese homes, narrow winding alleys, and lots of history. The temple was founded […]