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Making a Trail

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.


Based on our time here so far, I have gleaned the following rules of the road.

1. Driving on the right side of the road is suggested, but not required. Feel free to travel on the left side of the road as traffic approaches you head on. When the chance arises, slowly merge into the right lane.


2. Always load your vehicle to maximum capacity.


3. Wear a helmet. Not for safety, but because you will need a visor or something else to protect your eyes from all the dust. I am making fun of Becky for wearing sunglasses at night in this picture–secretly, I wish I had mine too.

4. Take a tuk tuk, support locals. Tuk tuks are big business here in Cambodia. The average daily wage hovers around $3 and that also happens to be near the going rate for a one-way ride to any spot in the city. Taking a tuk tuk, while slower and much hotter than a car, can make the difference between a family getting fed for the day. It also allows you to enjoy your journey as much as your destination. Here I am messing with the exposure time in a tuk tuk at night.

Batman themed tuk tuks are the best

5. Drive slow. Be alert. Generally tuk tuks live at a speed between fast jogging and about 30 mph, so they are relatively safe. This slow speed of travel is necessary when you have mopeds weaving past you with a tolerance of inches. Also, this slow speed saved us when we were traveling to a temple in a more rural area and a farmer lost control of his tractor and it ran across the road and crashed into a tree.

6. Creative road signs and yard ornamentation are encouraged.

7. Don’t worry about gas because there are stands selling old whisky/2 liter bottles filled with full of fuel every half mile:

8. Never stop honking your horn. Literally. See a dog, honk. See a friend, honk. Cousin, honk. Person merging 1/2 a mile away, honk. Just honk. Constantly.

9. Watch out for monkeys.