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Making a Trail

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

The Central Market in Phnom Penh is a huge semi-covered bazaar where you can buy just about anything. There were vendors selling toilet paper, live chickens, fake watches, suits, prom dresses and roasted crickets.







We did a little shopping but didn’t bite on th LV boxers:


After shopping we decided to roll the dice on a few of the food stalls. Our first stop was a booth selling the Cambodian equivalent of Banh Mi, a french baguette filled with freshly grilled beef, some unkown sauce, and pickled veggies. It was so good we ate it before I could take a picture.

Then we tried some noodles grilled with beef. They were pretty good. Added bonus was the dead chicken staring me in the eye while we ate the noodles (see the picture below).



Desert course was next, we went for these donut-hole-like balls.


They were almost as chewy as bubble gum, good but defintely can’t eat more than a couple.

I only had a stomache ache for a day. I consider that a win.