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Making a Trail

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

So we went to Machu Picchu. It was probably the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen. Becky is working on a few posts about it, so I’ll leave that to her.

In between some long train rides, early mornings, and battling the altitude we’ve had a lot of fun. Becky speaks great Spanish and gets lots of compliments. I can understand about 60% of what I hear and know enough to say silly things to get a laugh out of the locals. The woman at Starbucks couldn’t stop giggling when I told her my name was Miguelito. A store owner forced this poncho and hat on me when Becky said the same.



Becky got swindled by these cute girls and their baby sheep. They asked for 20 soles (6 bucks) after this picture. They were adamant. It almost worked until another baby sheep picture hawker came over to say it should only cost 1 sole. They got all our loose change, those ruthless cute monsters.


The town of Cusco is really cute. They have a parade every Sunday that the mayor attends. It’s a total scene. Some stuff didn’t make a ton of sense, including these weiner-nosed masked dudes.



But it really is a beautiful city in the clouds.

Finally, here’s the famous 12 sided rock in the city center. It’s part of an original Incan structure that the Spanish built on top of later. It’s impressive how the Incans were able to masterfully carve such huge stones with such limited tools.

We fly back to Lima tomorrow, then a few days later on to Argentina.